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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are available in standard modular format in either the slide bed or roller bed style, to suit your requirements for horizontal or inclined use.

Slide Bed Belt ConveyorsBelt conveyors by Moving Methods

Slide bed belt conveyors offer the most economical form of powered belt conveying and are suitable for most unit loads, being limited only by the load intensity or belt strength.

 Roller Bed Belt Conveyors

Roller bed belt conveyors allow for handling heavy unit loads and are most suitable for long conveyors. The roller bed reduces friction, giving economical power requirements and long belt life.
Also available in mobile arrangements to facilitate product stacking, knock-down conveyor systems, vehicle loading/unloading and for various uses in and around the warehouse area.
All are generally available in conveying widths of 300, 450 or 600mm and are suitable for reversing operation and can handle loads up to 100kg/m.

Types of Conveyors we Supply :

For pricing and advice on belt conveyors for package handling , contact Moving Methods here.