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Gravity Conveyors


Moving Methods offers gravity conveyors in full modular form with stragravity conveyorsights, curves, junctions, gates, mobiles and a range of special accessories with either permanent or portable support arrangements.

As the name implies , these systems rely on gravity to move products and materials from point to point. Whether in manufacturing , supplies and logistics or any other environment , this type of system provides reliable and robust solutions for your business.

A series of gravity conveyors are available fitted with any of the rollers as described under the rollers section. Rollers can be fitted into the 55’/90’/140’ style frames at pitch increments of 41,25mm with rollers placed high or low in the frame.

Gravity conveyors curvescurve gravity conveyors

Available in 90°, 60°, 45° & 30° modules with specifications as in the straight conveyors. Can be supplied with full roller, split roller or taper roller styles.


Mobile Gravity Conveyorsgravity conveyors on wheels

All series of roller gravity conveyor can be mounted on wheeled supports for ease of use.

Our Range of Gravity Conveyors