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 Powered Conveyors

Line Shaft driven powered conveyors  are used to handle product from small cartons to 1000kg palletized loads and can be used in a vast range of conditions, from freezers to 60°C heat extremities, with full accumulation facility.

Line shaft accumulation live roller conveyors are available in modular form and offer :-
– Simple drive principle to each driven roller allows flexibility of use within automated conveyor systems.
– Value engineering gives reliability at high speed.
– Up to 35% less moving parts than conventional conveyors, means less maintenance, low noise, user friendly and          low power requirements.
– Line shaft drive allows for route direction changes with ease (through constant velocity universal joints) so allowing    curves, merges, switches, etc. to be easily accommodated within the system, all from one drive source.

Chain Driven Powered Conveyors

Used in high production facilities to handle unit loads in rugged conditions with full friction and positive drive as desired.

Chain driven friction or positive drive live roller powered conveyors are available in modular form for use in high volume automated conveyor systems demanding a rugged drive principle and offer :-

– Positive drive arrangement with the facility of accumulation through the friction drive mechanism built into each       individual roller.
– High speed operation under full load conditions.
– Plastic sprockets and precision bearing rollers ensure long life expectancy with quiet operation.
– Available in straight and curve modules.