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Flow Racks and Pallets Live Storage

Moving Methods offers mini wheel Carton Flow live storage for small items as well as pallet live storage designed to suit most standard size pallets.

Ezy Rail –  Racks and Pallets Systems

Cold formed 35mm x 25mm x 0,8mm galvanised lipped channel sections assembled with moulded polyamid 28mm dia plain or flanged wheels on steel axles at increments of 16,6mm pitch give this mini wheel track infinite applications with load capacities up to 6kg/wheel. Used extensively in carton flow live storage.
Available in trays with “comb” spacing to allow ease of rail placement across the width of the storage rack.

Ezy -roll Racks and pallets

50mm dia plain or flanged moulded rollers fitted with either commercial/precision bearings or plain nylon bushes, mounted on a 8mm dia spindle in a 70mm x 70mm x 2,5mm lipped channel section.
Each roller has a capacity up to 50kg which facilitates use in pallet storage/handling applications.

Pal – Flo Racks and Pallets system

Pallet live storage designed to suit most standard sized pallets with various options of rollers and frames to suit special applications complete with entry guides, pallet separators and pallet speed controllers. Can be arranged for FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out).

Whether its storage or facilitating EASY IN , EASY OUT for efficient processing , Racks and Pallets from Moving Methods will get your systems sorted.