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Truck Loaders and Gravity Extendables


Motorised truck loader and bag stackers

The belt on roller type is utilised for heavy loads and the slide bed belt type is utilised for medium loads.  These conveyors are supplied to a broad spectrum of industries.

The conveyors are designed to facilitate all types of packages, bags, boxes, etc.  The conveyors are of a sturdy construction but relatively light in weight and are extremely manoeuverable.

Most units are supplied with heavy duty lockable castors, either with rubber or polyurethane tyres and for extreme conditions we can offer pneumatic road type wheels.  The mobile base on the heavier load unit is fitted with either a manual adjustable boom arrangement or a wire rope winch arrangement.

The lighter unit utilises a scissor jack arrangement.  The conveyors are operated with electric gearbox units which are directly shaft mounted to the main drive arrangement therefore there will be no maintenance problems with chains and sprockets.

All pulleys are precision made and fully crowned and rubber lagged.  Various types of belts can be supplied to suit the application, i.e. chevron, rubber roughtop, crocbac, etc.

All belts are joined endless.

Each unit is supplied with its own electrical controls mounted in a weather proof metal case.  The conveyors are fully reversible allowing for loading or unloading of vehicles.

To facilitate effective manufacture, all components are of a standard nature and, wherever possible, components are inter changeable between various models.  All spares are available generally from a stock situation.

The conveyor steelwork finish is powder coated and all other components are electro galvanised where possible.  Various lengths and models are available to suit your application.

Gravity extendable conveyors

These conveyors operate by means of gravity.

They are designed to suit most firm based packages, boxes, etc.  The extendable conveyors are compact when closed for easy storage and can extend up to 12m.

The conveyors are generally fabricated from standard conveyor side stringers with the roller pitch being fully adjustable in increments of 41mm.

These conveyors have a unique transfer area which facilitates easy transfer from one section to the other.  All the units are fully mobile and are mounted on heavy duty lockable castors.  All the units are manually adjustable by means of a locking pin and hole arrangement.

The rollers at the loading area are manufactured from mild steel tubing and all other intermediate rollers are manufactured from high density PVC.

All rollers are fitted with high quality conveyor bearings.  The rollers are spring loaded for ease of replacement in the event of damage.  The conveyor framework is fully powder coated with the loading rollers being electro galvanised.

The models available are as follows:

T300 – closed length of 3,6m and open length of 5,8m

T400 – closed length of 3,9m and open length of 8.8m

T500 – closed length of 4.6m and open length of 11,8m

All units are available in either 450mm or 600mm wide.